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Hello! I am Nithya, and I paint modern still lifes and landscapes in oil paint. My work is inspired and influenced by my immediate surroundings, everyday objects I see around the house and the lovely woods near where I live.

My art story is a lifelong obsession with drawing that later developed into a keen interest in painting. I have drawn for as long as I can remember, doodled along sides of textbooks in school and sketched portraits of my friends for fun in college. I went on to pursue an Engineering education and I work in high tech by the day. Art though has been my only constant companion throughout, through the ups and downs of life. 

nithya swaminathan pleinair painting

Apart from painting, I engage myself actively in life drawing and urban sketching. Drawing the human figure is a challenge I immensely enjoy, and being a keen people observer, I also sketch co-commuters on my way to work. I always carry a sketchbook with me and record most of my travels in the form of sketches. I believe all these different aspects of art practice feed into one another and help my growth greatly. 

nithya swaminathan urban sketching

I live with my husband and two daughters in a little town in beautiful Germany. 

Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook, where I share more works in progress and videos of me painting.