Hi! I am Nithya!

the face behind all the art here :)

I love creating vibrant oil and gouache paintings of everyday subjects!

I get inspired by everything around me and take great pleasure in transforming the mundane into something extraordinary!

A little bit about my art journey if you like to read more :)

My first love!

My art story is a lifelong obsession with drawing that later developed into a keen interest in painting. I have drawn for as long as I can remember, doodled along sides of textbooks in school and sketched portraits of my friends for fun in college. Drawing was and is my forever first love!

I went on to pursue an Engineering education and I work in high tech by the day. I absolutely LOVE what I do in my day job and it has nothing to do with art :) I love the contrast it provides to my time at the easel.

Sketchbook Pages

I sketch a lot, my sketchbook is an extension of my hand and is always with me. I have my sketchbook and gouache paints in all my travels and record my experiences in paint. Being a keen people observer, I also draw my co-commuters on my way to work everyday.

Life Drawing, i.e. drawing the human figure from live observation, is the most challenging part of my artistic pursuit. It is something I immensely enjoy and try to make time for regularly.

I believe all these different aspects of art practice feed into one another and help my growth greatly.

Current work

My primary focus right now is painting the modern still life from direct observation. I try everyday to be the best painter that I can be. I dabble in the occasional pleinair painting the landscape, but find myself drawn back to the beautiful art of the still life.

After years of working with oil paints, I recently ventured into gouache and it was love at first stroke. Since this medium gives me great joy, I now make time for both media and love them equally!

I get a lot of comments and questions on setting up a good still life. So I put together a simple guide just for you. Click on the link to download!